Choosing to change and become travel bloggers

Making choices is HARD. But choosing to become travel bloggers was so obvious, why hadn’t we figured this out before now??


My wife and I have decided to make drastic changes in our life. After a recent vacation, we have decided to become a Travel Photographer / Writer team. Our travel blog has already launched. But we can only work on it part-time, for now.

Our goal is one day, to be full time travelers/writers/photographers.

This blog though, will not be about our travels. Instead this blog will be focused on the process of changing ours lives so that we can become full time travel bloggers.

It won’t be quick.

Changing our lives will involve changing how we think, the choices we make as consumers,but mainly our perspective of what normal is. In short we have to deprogram our brain.

We also have to learn a lot about travel writing, marketing and social media.

The purpose here will be to document our process (and progress) and maybe help others learn how to change too.

Even if your goal isn’t to be travel bloggers, I hope you will learn about changing your way of thinking, so that you can pursue what you really want in life.

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