Dirty Details to Becoming a Travel Blogger

There are many articles written about becoming aSteps to being a travel blogger full time travel blogger. But from my experience most leave out the huge life changes you must go through before quitting your job! The Dirty Little Details to Becoming a Travel Blogger. This is like someone deciding to be a boxer, and scheduling a fight without preparing or training! To become a full time traveling blogger you have to prepare in so many ways.

Here are a few things I’ve come up with, and will be exploring in detail in future posts:

Decide and Commit

Are you using phrases like “I want to travel and blog about my trips” ?
To me that doesn’t sound like someone who has made a decision. That sounds like someone “wanting” to try on some clothes.

If becoming a full time travel blogger is what you want to do, decide already!
Say, “I am going to be a full time travel blogger”. There, was that so hard?
Now, commit to it. Seriously, this is important!

You must commit to it 100% so your brain can switch from ‘it might happen one day’ mode to ‘this is gonna happen, and we gotta prepare!‘ mode.

Once you’re committed you won’t just daydream about it, you’ll start planning for it.
And there is a lot to plan, and I’m not talking about travel plans!
You gotta start planning things like:

  • What are you gonna do with all of your stuff?
    (Hint: get rid of it!)
  • How are you gonna make money while traveling?
    (I doubt anyone is going to fund your “Help me travel the world” kickstarter.)


Fat Boxer

Just like the boxer scenario I mentioned at the beginning,
you aren’t ready. (I’m not either) A fat boxer can’t really expect to win, he/she must tone their body. No, I’m not saying you are fat. But your life probably is. You have excess stuff, and you need to go on a diet to prepare for a travel driven life.

ClosetYou’ve probably been a good consumerist! Really, you’ve been great about supporting our economy. But, now you need to be a minimalist. Unless you plan on paying for storage while you travel you need to get rid of a few thousand things.

Heres a few ways to unload a bunch of stuff:

  • Yard sale
  • Craigslist (for sale category)
  • eBay
  • Craigslist (free stuff category)
  • Charity thrift stores

Whoa! Am I suggesting you give stuff away? YES, if you can’t sell it. That sick feeling in your stomach is the consumer training you’ve received since birth.
(Go Buy Stuff, Its on sale!)
Check out this blog from the minimalists http://www.theminimalists.com/21days/
It will help you to reach a zen like state about living light. (as in the amount of stuff you have)

You gotta reduce the amount of stuff in your life, to become a traveling nomad! You can’t carry it with you!


If you plan on blogging while you’re traveling, you need to become an expert of Social Media. Not as a user… as a publisher or content provider. I know, you’re probably great at browsing Facebook, and hitting that like or share button. But you need to learn how to create content that others will want to share and like..

Here is a brief list of some things you might want to be master..

  • Writing (story telling, or compelling descriptions of your trips)
  • WordPress
  • SEO (getting your blog in google search results)
  • Twitter (Tweeting and getting followers, legit followers)
  • Instagram (posting images and videos and building an audience)
  • Pinterest (posting images and building an audience)
  • Facebook (posting images and videos and building an audience)
  • YouTube (posting videos and building an audience)
  • Periscope, Meercat, Blab
  • Editing Videos
  • Processing Images

These are likely to be your full time job while traveling, in other words you need to be a Social Media Manager. And hey, if you’re good, you can charge others to the same for them!

The important thing is to be able to earn an income from anywhere in the world. But you don’t have to even touch social media if you have other experience. If you work in a restaurant here, you can probably work in a restaurant anywhere they speak english.

The important thing is to prepare for how you will earn money while traveling


UGH!!  This is the hardest part… starting. Getting your blog started. Learning twitter. Getting rid of stuff.

This is where I am, too! It’s ok, we can encourage each other as we go through this. Monday through Friday, I still have to go to my non-traveling job.

I still have so much stuff to get rid of.

But this blog is like a support group, and together we can do this. We can live a travel driven life, lets do it together! Please email me and tell me about your journey and where you are in this process, or leave a comment.

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